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The Model TA 700 Passenger Car

This beautiful car is constructed with a sturdy marine grade aluminum cab, aluminum and acrylic exterior panels and a rock solid galvanized steel frame. It is designed for 4 people or 700 lbs. It comes standard with a weather resistant marine grade polymer seat. The Model TA 700 is available in three configurations: Open Air Convertible, Semi-Enclosed (shown here), or Fully Enclosed. All three models share the same easy-to-use control panel and are available in custom colors and powder coating.

For your family's safety, all three models come standard with a drop forged cable-eye, secondary safety cable, dual independent "Cam-Lok brake", front and rear safety bumpers, direct drive overspeed unit, slack cable & door ajar sensors, and an emergency stop button. Every detail and every component has been carefully chosen  to give you years of safe, reliable, convenient service.


Model TA 700 Specifications


Passenger Car:  
Model: TA 700
Capacity: 700 lbs/ 4 Persons
Speed: 75 feet per minute
Exterior Finish: Aluminum/Acrylic
Bumpers: Front & rear spring loaded with magnetic switches
Door Style: Available hinged or sliding
Overspeed Unit: Direct Drive centrifugally actuated
Brake (Safety): Dual independent "Cam Lok design"
 Wheels: 10" diameter rubber tread steel
Bearings: (4) large roller bearing pillow blocks
Controls: Weatherproof push button controls with emergency stop
Door Sensor: Magnetic contact type
Roof Options: Open Air Convertible, Semi-Enclosed, Fully Enclosed


Motor: 5 HP, 240 volt single phase electro-hydraulic winding drum with manual lowering capability
Brake: Hydrualic opened spring applied caliper/ disc brake
Overspeed: Intergrated hydraulic overspeed safety valve
Wire Rope: 7 strand 24,000 lb. tensile strength 1/2" independent core with rope
Control Panel: UL listed Computer Programmable Logic control
Slack Cable Assembly: Auto sensing cable safety system


Track: 5" galvenized steel channel
Cross Bracing: Galvanized welded tubular steel
Supports: Site specific designed galvanized steel
Pilings: 2" schedule 80 galvanized pipe



Innovative Technology        


Hillside Elevator Inc. has invested heavily in both time and money to develop what we feel is the most technologically advanced tram on the market. We know know how important your family's safety is to you, so we have left no stone unturned in the development of our redundant safety systems. Each component, from our Logic Controlled Hydraulic Hoist to our dual independent "Cam-Lok braking system," has been engineered and triple checked to ensure their reliability.                                      




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