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Every component is designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards from the toughest, most corrosion-resistant materials available. We oversize parts, factor in a minimum 5:1 safety ratio and utilize redundant safety systems throughout our design. "There simply is no safer tram available!" Highlights and pictures of our impeccable safety standards are listed below.


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Exclusive Hydraulic Hoist- Our trams feature a hydraulic drive which gives added safety over electric drive units. Inherent  in our design are valves that limit your speed of descent to a safe 75' per minute.




Hoist Safety Brake- All of our trams feature a Super Strong hydraulically opened spring applied disk brake which safely holds the car anytime power is interrupted.





Oversized Lifting Cable- Oversized 7-strand 24,000 lb. tensile strength1/2" galvanized wire rope gives an incredible 12:1 safety factor. An identically sized backup cable further ensures the safety of your cable to tram connection.




Car Mounted Slack Cable Sensor- Each car is outfitted with a slack cable sensor that automatically engages the safety brake if the cable become slack.




Bumpers- Retractable bumpers instantly stop the car if any obstruction is encountered.





Overspeed Safety System- Our direct drive overspeed unit automatically deploys the safety brake if the car exceeds a designated speed




Brake System- Heavy duty dual independent "Cam-Lok design" safely stops the car in a matter of inches.



Magnetic Door Safety Switch- Our cars feature a safety switch that prevents the car from operating unless doors are completely closed.



Hoist Mounted Slack Cable Sensor- Instantly stops the hoist if a slack cable condition is detected



Follow these steps to download and view our Safety Demonstration Video (104MB)

1) Right-click the link to the Video, and then click Save Target As.

2) Specify a location on your hard disk where you want to save the file.

3) Double-click the file that you saved to your hard disk to play the file.

Download our Safety Demonstration Video here.




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