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Home Safety Specifications Service


Our expert service technicians guarantee quick, dependable maintenance and workmanship. Annual and bi-annual maintenance agreements give you peace of mind that your tram will remain as safe and reliable as the day it was installed.

A typical service agreement is outlined below:

Hoist: Clean hoist equipment. Check all fluid levels, add/change as necessary. Lubricate all bearings and/ or bushings (except sealed or self lubricating). Visually inspect all fasteners, connections and wear points. Test all electrical safeties.


Car: Clean undercarriage. Lubricate all bearings and bushings (except sealed or self lubricating). Visually inspect all fasteners, connections, and wear points. Hand test overspeed unit (if applicable). Visually inspect drive belt. Test all limit switches and electrical switches. Inspect bumper and door functions. Inspect car safety system IE: brake, hook, slack cable sensor.


Track & Supports: Visually inspect welds and connections. Check for alignment. Inspect supports. Inspect stops and limit switches. Inspect track wires and insulators.


Landings: Inspect gates and controls.


Checklist: After inspection, Hillside Elevators, Inc. will make recommendations as to any repairs needed as well as estimated costs to perform repairs.


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